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Moving Supplies Florida has never been so affordable and accessible. We offer unique moving supplies in Florida service. With our company you can buy all the plastic bags or receptacles you’ll require to prepare for your next move and without the cost of purchasing the items. That’s right! We provide plastic boxes that can be rented for one month. However, why not extend the time if you require more time than that? Talk to us before placing your make your purchase. We are Professional Movers and specialize in moving boxes that are easy to carry and stackable. Our moving boxes can ensure that your next move is smooth and effortless.

At Professional Movers, We like making your move as easy as possible. We are proud of our ease in your move! We’ll provide you with everything you require for your move.

Moving Boxes Florida

Moving Boxes made of plastic

The plastic moving boxes are constructed of rigid plastic. They are designed with ergonomically-designed handle handles that are comfortable to fit and sturdy lids close with a snap. They are stackable and nestable to maximize space when stored. They are produced in the USA and are not transported from the other side of the world. They’re easy to use and convenient and rapidly replace simple cardboard boxes as the primary packing alternative when you move. Because these boxes are constructed from plastic, they’re great for moving more oversized items that traditional cardboard boxes cannot handle. Are you worried about the security of your expensive items? These plastic moving containers and our assortment of packing products will ensure the safety of your possessions.

Other types of moving boxes we deliver

  • Moving boxes for little items
  • Moving crates of medium size
  • Large packing crates
  • Moving crates Extra Large
  • Wardrobe organizers
  • Kitchen containers
  • Mirrors and picture frames
  • Boxes for transferring televisions
  • Lamp packing crates
  • Office/filing cabinets
Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe Box

Wardrobe boxes are designed to hold about 2 feet of hangers. The dimensions are 50” tall by 25” wide. They include hanging bars. You can move your wardrobe around effortlessly!



Professional Movers dollies are custom-made to accommodate the dimensions of our moving boxes. The four inches of non-marking wheels provide durability and smooth rides. Every dolly has a 400-pound capacity and can easily carry four fully loaded, stacked, or even a complete wardrobe.

Tv Box

Television Box

This TV box is necessary to safeguard your TVs when you move. Thanks to the sturdy cardboard, these tough boxes will protect your TV from bumps in the road. These boxes are robust and double-walled to ensure maximum safety. These boxes are ideal for protecting flat-screen televisions.

Packing Materials Florida

Are you looking for packing supplies in Florida? Here at Professional Movers, We offer all the necessary supplies to protect and ensure you are prepared for the next move. Don’t trust your packing equipment to any firm. Pick the most trusted supplier located in Florida.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is among our top products. It not only provides excellent protection for delicate items such as glasses and dishes, but it’s also a lot of fun for your children to have fun with. Bubble Wrap is available for purchase for $7.99 per 12 inches by 15 feet the bubble wrap.

Sofa & Mattress Covers

Nothing Our Sofa or mattress covers can’t do to ensure your belongings from dirt, dust, and moisture during moving and storage. The covers are constructed from high-quality plastic.

Packing Paper & More

The Packing Paper is made from 100% recycled papers that are biodegradable. It’s an alternative to wrapping papers and tissue. It can be used to wrap plates, glasses, and other essential items you’d like to secure. The packing paper can also fill empty spaces within your full receptacles to stop things from moving. It is also helpful for packing. Paper is available for purchase at $14.99 for about 210 sheets. If you’re searching for a price that is inexpensive packing items take a look at our collections at Professional Movers

ZIP Ties

The Zip Ties can be made of recycled plastic, and they are used to seal moving boxes after you have finished packing them. They are inserted into the latch designed to fit the moving boxes and pull them tightly. It’s no longer necessary to mess around with heavy-duty costly packing tape again. As you unpack your moving boxes, take them off and give them back to us. We’ll reuse them for making additional Zip Tie. We provide 1 Zip Tie for each container in our moving boxes. However, If you’d like to purchase more, you can buy from the Extras section of the Moving Extras section.

Packing Moving Boxes

Check out our excellent moving boxes!

Each moving box was specifically made to be used for moving. We believe that once you have utilized moving boxes, you will never move without us. We’ve created our moving boxes to be neatly stacked and nestled inside one another. This is perfect for packing storage, packing, and making the most space from your moving truck. It’s nothing to be concerned about since they are securely nestled. Indeed, having the boxes stacked can also help you move many at a time quickly. This permits you to utilize a hand dolly included in our moving boxes to simultaneously move many boxes to the truck. This allows moving considerably easier, mainly when you are in the city.

Are you concerned about packing bubble wrap, paper, and clothing items? That’s also not an issue. We don’t just have the most fantastic moving boxes we’ve built our brand around, but we also have moving essentials like zip ties, packing paper, wardrobe boxes, and much more. We have everything you need for your Florida moving supplies that you could ever require.

Rentable Moving Supplies Florida

Rentable moving items in Florida, such as resin moving boxes, are less expensive than purchasing moving boxes to complete the move. However, we can provide certain boxes that safeguard your TV and other essential items.

Our rentable moving equipment in Florida is made of top-quality polish with lids that fold that stack. If you’ve ever moved using boxes, you’ll know that stacking just one or two is simple. However, that’s not the limit once they start to slide and slide around. With our moving boxes, you can stack them as high as you’d like. They’re designed specifically for moving! These boxes are so simple to use that you’ll wonder how you’re not finding us sooner.

We know that renting moving equipment in Florida wasn’t always readily available. However, now it is! We’re staying and are happy to offer a unique service in this beautiful city. Let us bring them right to your door. It’s no cost in certain zones! Start earlier rather than later, moving everything into your new home with exciting new adventures to look forward to.

Our moving boxes aren’t the only thing we are most proud of. We also have other moving boxes that we are proud of. We also have various other moving items in Florida to pick from. We are happy to help with any questions you may have.

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